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For over 35 years Southeastern Seating has been providing safe quality indoor and outdoor aluminum rental bleachers all over the United States. map nologoWe can accommodate any size event, a modest golf tournament, or small beach wedding to the largest parades in the nation.  Southeastern is centrally located in Tampa but moves bleachers all over the southeast.  We pride ourselves on being able to provide service to numerous events: rodeos, raceways, high schools and universities to name a few.  Customer care and satisfaction are our top priorities.


Rent Non-Elevated Bleachers

Non-elevated bleachers are the most common rented bleachers. They are ideal for events where there is a direct line of site. Sitting on the first row means resting your feet directly on the ground. These types of bleachers are often found at parks and baseball fields. They can be assembled as high as a 25 rows. They can come with an aisle way or without. Without aisle ways is commonly called a walk on seat bleacher. They require safety fencing once you go above 4 rows high. These are the least costly option in renting bleachers.

non elevated bleacherPhoto of Non-Elevated Bleachers


Rent Elevated Bleachers

Elevated bleachers are better for events where there is an obstructed view or a large area that requires a greater field of view. Most football bleachers are elevated. They require stairs to walk up and depending on other available seating conditions may require a handicap ramp for ADA access. Southeastern is one of the few rental companies who can provide elevated bleachers with ADA ramps and handicap seating.

elevated bleachersPhoto of Elevated Bleachers


Southeastern Seating Inc. is a family owned and operated business with 35 in business and over 50 years combined experience.

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